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Welcome to Motivational Wellness

Do you want to reignite the passion in your life so you can wake up every morning feeling energized and ready to go?
Do you want to see life with a brand new perspective and open up possibilities that you couldn’t even imagine before
Do you want to fall in love with your body again?
I’m Danny Cohen- Gratitude Warrior, Inspirational Wellness Coach, and Mindset Master.
 I work with women who know there could be so much more to life to excel in their careers, spend more quality time with their loved ones, and live to the fullest by illuminating their blind spots. I help those that can’t see the happiness through the storm; notice it, and see the sunshine through the darkness.

Happiness is a choice, are you ready to choose it?

When we start taking control of our thoughts and our actions, CHANGES occur. Together we can develop a strategy that allows you to break through these boundaries and rise to new heights.   My belief that all positive changes begin with positive actions; and that all setbacks, big or small lead to even bigger and better comebacks.


Motivational Wellness was founded under the belief: that everyone has the power to make the changes that they wish to see in themselves and their bodies;  to love who they are no matter what the circumstances. My own experiences have given me the passion, compassion, dedication, knowledge, and  courage to guide you along this journey.


This was more than helpful' thank you so much Danny !!!