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GRATITUDE IS MY ATTITUDE: HOW I USE MY GIFT TO HELP OTHERS I AM the self-proclaimed king of gratitude! I move forward every day with a smile on my face regardless of the weather. The Sun is shining; I make sure I shine extra special that day, […]

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All the little voices. How to choose a positive inner voice

All the little voices. How to choose a positive inner voice ” I can’t stand my life right now!” “I hate my body!” “Will I ever amount to anything?” The list goes on and on, and varies from person to person at some stage in their life, […]

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Life doesn’t come cheap. Three keys to dealing with your life succesfully

Life Doesn’t Come Cheap. Three keys to dealing with your life successfully  Life doesn’t come cheap, You have to work at it. It requires courage, willpower, and determination to pull through. The beautiful thing is you already have these things inside of you. You just have to […]

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False Promises: How to break up with your excuses

An excuse is a false promise you make to yourself. We all make them, but sometimes they are the hardest things to break up with. So often we tend to fall behind our excuses and let them pull us back, not allowing us to take the steps […]

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Live everyday for TODAY!

I never considered myself much of a “mindful” person until I’d probably say six months after my surgery. I meditated daily, but I would still find myself focused so much on my past. I would let go, but only for those brief moments of breathing in, and […]

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Accept everyone as an equal

I grew up knowing that people would at some point feel bad for me. I have a physical disability, I walk with a slight gait on the left side, and my left eye sometimes wonders. The real question is though, does this really warrant someone to feel […]

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Love Yourself, and love can be found

Today is valentines day, time for lovers, and friends to come together and rejoice in all of the happiness they share with one another. Or is it? Some may say yes, but for those out there that are struggling with self-love, this may be just another day, […]

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A year of Gratitude,Hope, Love and Faith

It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago today since I had two surgeries that changed my life and the lives of those around me. This year has been one of tears, heartache, hope, faith, love, and most of all GRATITUDE! To all of you […]

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Happiness is a drug: developing a happier brain for a happier life!

happiness possibly is one of the best drugs there is. When we are happy our brains release more dopamine, and produce more endorphins to help us feel great and smile more often. For most, happiness comes easy; for some it takes a little more time and effort. […]

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BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE

There is so much information out there about how to change your life if you follow this meditation, transform your mind by saying a few simple affirmations, or how you can get a leaner body by doing this exercise routine, but how can we expect any of […]

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Thank you so much for all of your help! You have helped me lose the weight I wanted. I Intend to keep moving forward and take it one day at a time. You have been great. Thank you!

Cressia Mcgillis