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Listening with your heart, moving with your mind. How to make Powerful decisions

I tell people to listen to not just their heart, but to their mind as well. It is easy to listen with your brain and allow it to lead us to where we want to go, but most often our negative thoughts will take over, and sure […]

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Embrace Life!

Have you ever heard the saying “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”? Of course, you have it is from in my opinion what was one of the greatest movies ever! But think about that for a second, life is […]

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Happiness is not Material

I always thought that happiness was an external thing tangible or otherwise. It was created by all of the material things that you had, a nice car, a good job, an amazing partner.. After having my succession of seizures in 2012 and then after my surgeries in […]

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MIND over MATTER: Putting your focus on progress not problems

MIND over MATTER: Putting your focus on progress not problems   MIND over MATTER, last week I had three seizures. The first of which I was able to work my way through with my meditation, the second in the early afternoon where I was able to talk […]

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Pick up and move forward

Getting hurt will happen in life, it’s part of the growth process, but when that hurt comes from someone else’s intentional means your growth may feel stunted. Never let another person’s hurtful intentions control your life. People lie, and people cheat to get what they want, and […]

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Insecurities Suck! How to combat yours, and how I did too

Insecurities Suck! How to combat yours, and how I did too Insecurities suck! That’s right I said it, they without a doubt, 100% suck. We all have them in some form or shape, and at one time or another have let our insecurities ruin some aspect of our […]

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Love is a leader-Cut through fear with ease and move forward

You want something? Go get it. Oh wait, there is something stopping you isn’t there? It’s fear, right? We all have this innate resistance that either pushes us to the edge of victory or stops us right in our tracks. Fear is ever-present and inescapable, but it […]

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CHANGE is Inevitable. How to make the positive changes you want People who are resistant to change won’t change. We all have this need, this want, this desire to change, but we most often resist it due to the fear of the outcome. What if that outcome […]

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Authenticity Speaks Volumes

Authenticity Speaks Volumes  What does it mean to you when I say live your truth? Most people, today, live behind a facade, not because they want to, but because they feel they have to. They feel that if they show who they are and say what they […]

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All YOU need is LOVE for YOURSELF

All YOU need is LOVE for YOURSELF Love is a very strong word, and not to be thrown around lightly, especially when that love involves yourself. When you love yourself you’re whole, and when you’re whole amazing changes begin to occur. This is often so scary to […]

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Danny was a great help with my weight loss.. his nutritional advice helped me get the right foods so I wasn't left hungry.. and his support was invaluable.. I wouldn't be where I am without his help and support.. thank you so much.

Michelle Davidson