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When we WANT SOMETHING we aim for it right? Sometimes, LIFE gets in the way and we lose sight of that DREAM, that GOAL, or that MISSION that we are trying to complete and everything crumbles, right? WRONG! It is then at that moment that we must KEEP PUSHING FORWARD, RE-CENTER OUR FOCUS & RE-NEW OUR FAITH and know that while yes life can be tough at times WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP! You can and will complete your goals, but the only way that this is done is by LOOKING AHEAD and NEVER LOSING SIGHT of the vision that lay before you and most of all NEVER LOOKING BACK at the vision that once was. Our thoughts are very powerful; they tell us whether to be sad, to be happy and are responsible for keeping us motivated. Flooding your mind with positive thoughts will ensure that you STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR DREAM and SHATTER ANY GOAL you ever set!

Do you feel like you are losing sight of your goals or was there a time when you lost sight of your goal and were able to push forward? I would love to here from you! Please leave a comment in the box below and  always if you feel this message may resonate with someone, please pass it on. thank you

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Keep on Keeping on


Are you struggling to reach your weightloss loss goals and feel that you need an extra push?  If you are looking for more support Danny offers a 1 hour motivational breakthrough session! During this session he can help you look at what is holding you back and establish a plan of action to guide you back into feeling more healthy, more happy and more confident!

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Thank you so much for all of your help! You have helped me lose the weight I wanted. I Intend to keep moving forward and take it one day at a time. You have been great. Thank you!

Cressia Mcgillis